TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Good Wife’s Guide to Murder (2023)

Directed by Max McGuire (who like any director of the streaming era has a split between horror and holiday movies in his resume) and written by Ellen Huggins (The Ex Obsession), this is the story of Kate Kelsey (Nola Martin) whose husband Matt (Liam Toobin) is killed and because she has a popular vlog — A Good Wife’s Guide to Murder — she becomes the prime suspect that the police are investigating. After all, they owned a restaurant called Mendaville together, he may have been having an affair and, yes, every episode of her show she breaks down her ten rules for killing your husband and getting away with it.

Adding to the conflict is the fact that Lenore (Tenille Read), the wife of investigating detective Peter Thompson (R Austin Ball), is more than just best friends with the Kelseys. She might have been getting even closer to Matt than she’s letting on.

Matt was getting around, also sleeping with an employee named Lisa (Zenna Davis-Jones) who is killed moments after that secret is let out. Can Kate and her assistant Brit (Bukola Ayoka) figure out who did it? And was it someone close to her, like Brit? Or her former best friend who had a whole trunk of sex toys that she was using with her husband? What about her combination lawyer and PR guy who was bullied by her husband in high school?

Or is it…someone else?

Of all the recent Tubi movies, I think this is one of the better ones I’ve seen. I loved how it played with the conventions of true crime. Also: I live with someone who watched Forensic Files on an endless 24 hour repeating cavalcade of dead husbands, so I fully know there is no way I will survive any of this. So I relate as I laugh and enjoy what I watched.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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