TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Ex Obsession (2022)

Kim (Chaley Rose) is a stylist happily married to John (B.J. Britt) who has a man crush on his new co-worker Grant (Anthony Dalton II). Coincidentally, Kim and Grant used to be a couple and they still have some attraction, so while discussing how to break the news to John, they end up having sex, as you do. They decide to tell him that they used to date — they elect to skip the fact that they have recently horizontally danced — but as John arrives home to find his once friend, now rival on the couch and goes off, critically injuring Grant. As he goes upstairs to get medicine and towels, Kim coldly dispatches of her ex-lover and orders her man to start impersonating Grant, which ends up driving him mad.

Directed by Michael Civille and written by Ellen Huggins, this movie exists in a world where DNA evidence does not exist, everyone but the villain is a moron and men can go so crazy that they not only kill other men they are friends with, but freak out, then they are them and dig up their bodies and hug them.

I realize this is a Lifetime film, but seriously, is there such a thing as urban giallo? Because this would somewhat fit, even if it doesn’t have the stranger in a strange land aspect, it does have sex, fashion, identity issues and murder. What other movies would fit into this unexplored category? When the Bough BreaksObsessedThe Perfect GuySingle Black FemaleFatale?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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