Guns of Eden (2022)

Buffalo policewoman Megan (Alexandra Faye Sadeghian), her partner Jeremy (Peter Johnson) and his friends Blake (Dominic Luongo) and Gabriella (Nicole Colon) go camping for the weekend to get Megan’s mind off of an accidental shooting during a holdup. Except, well, you know how it goes. They witness the execution of a drug trafficker by Sheriff Preacher (Bill Kennedy) and his deputies and try to get out of town, only for the sheriff to send an armed militia after them.

Gregory Lamberson directed and wrote something entertaining here,as sure, we know that Megan is going to make it — the tagline says “Against all odds she will survive” — but for a low budget gun movie, he makes something pretty entertaining with plenty of twists and turns that surprised me.  And hey — Lynn Lowry is in the cast! If you’re looking for a movie with plenty of hardware — they even got a helicopter for the militia — this will definitely more than do the job. I also appreciate that a sequel is teased at the end.

Guns of Eden is available on digital and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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