JESS FRANCO MONTH: Fury In the Tropics (1986)

You know, most women in prison directors made one, sometimes two movies about jail and how it impacts the lives of ladies. Not Jess Franco, who just kept coming back, like Greg Dulli once sang, “I wanna go away, but honey, I just can’t stay. I keep coming back for a little more of your love.”

Marga (Lina Romay, who else?) and Rosalba fall for a freedom fighter and before you can say Barbed Wire Dolls, they’re in jail and under the thumb (amongst other body parts) of the female warden (Veronica Seeton) and dealing with an evil Colonel (Ricardo Palacios) who runs the whole country.

There are multiple versions of this and if you like Franco, you probably already knew that. There’s the regular one, an adult cut and Mujeres Accoraladas. I would assume that Antonio Mayans in is all three of them.

Jess made better prison movies and better movies period. I may sound like a broken record, but this is not the film to start your exploration of his work.

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