Zombie Army (1991)

In the same way that Bikers versus the Undead exists for those that want more of the Dawn of the Dead end scenes of lawless motorcycle club members against zombies, Zombie Army says, “What if the army guys in Day of the Dead were a bit more heroic?”

Thanks to The Schlock Pit — one of my favorite sites — I learned that the writer of this movie — Roger Scearce — is actually its producer John Kalinowski, who had the actual military mission once of discovering if a former insane asylum could be repurposed as a military facility. While there, he saw that it was the perfect setting for a horror film and the army actually let him use the facility for The Zombie Army. One imagines plenty of the soldiers and the equipment they go into zombie combat with also came from Uncle Sam.

Director Betty Stapleford was actually a drama coach who had several students in the cast. She helped Kalinowski with their performances and to her surprise, she ended up being credited as the director.

The lessons here are that if you’re turning a sanitarium into a military base do a sweep for mad scientists and that an experimental battalion of women soldiers can die against zombies just as effectively as an old fashioned battalion of men and for 1991 that was progress.

There’s also a sex scene that is potentially still going on downstairs in my movie room weeks after I stopped watching this.

Also: If any viewer had spotted the continuity errors in this, they were able to win a Jeep. As far as I know, nobody has claimed this vehicle.

You can download this from the Internet Archive or purchase it from Makeflix.

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