Vacation Massacre (2001)

No, this isn’t the other title for Fernando Di Leo’s 1980 home invasion slasher Madness. I mean, that one has Joe Dallesandro in it.

This one was directed by Brian Labuda when he was just a teenager and had access to a family video camera, but go with me on this. It’s not bad. I mean, the kid was in eighth grade when he made this, his friends all seem so much younger and yet they were able to come together and make a forty-minute SOV horror movie complete with early 2000s punk touchstones like a nearly brand new Ramones shirt and yes, a Goldfinger tee.

Better than it has any right to be, this film puts you dead center into a 2000s version of “do you want to see a dead body” except that it’s “do you want to see several dead bodies and perhaps even be one of them?”

We all had hobbies as a kid like drawing comics or playing in bands, right? No one is ever going to see my scribbled remixes of comics like Grips and Mr. A. They will also never hear my horrific high school hair metal band Nasty Habitz or Pretty Boy Floyd or even my 2000s rap rock outfit Mr. Blonde. Yet everyone in this movie has been trapped in amber and we can see their past fun and marvel at not only how entertaining it is, but how much of a joy it had to be to make.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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