Soul of the Demon (1991)

Joey and Toby are doing what all delinquents did in 1991 and that’s racing their BMX bikes instead of learning in school. Soon, they discover a miniature coffin with a statue of the demon Asteroth inside and even when a spirit that looks like a younger Reverend Henry Kane appears and tells them to just stop, then laugh and keep it. Where do you find a coffin in the Nevada desert? Anyways, later that night, Joey’s brother Josh has a seance party — seriously, what else is there to do but try and drive into the middle of nowhere to find a generator-powered Kyuss performance? — and like a bunch of kids playing Sabbath in their garage and sounding not that bad, this movie decides to riff on a cover of Night of the Demons.

Joey also is cool enough to have a poster of the remake of The Blob in his bedroom, so I was on his side.

Then this movie delivers what its body and eyeball-strewn credits promised: demonic possession and relentless gore. Seriously, a Fulci-worshipping eyeball decimation, heads literally rolling, a saw through the crotch and bodies literally shredded in half.

Director and writer Charles Lang also made High Desert, in which partying teens run into a biker gang. Also, IMDB lists the wrestler Taz in this and honestly, you’d think I’d remember if Taz was in this. I think whoever did the IMDB saw that a character named Rocky is played by someone named Tazz and went with it.

Stick through all the 90s dude talk and basketball scenes. You are about to see something special.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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