Limbo (1999)

Tina Krause has appeared in more than a hundred sub-budget horror films, appearing in near-fetish gore movies for W.A.V.E. Productions and Seduction Cinema, starring in movies with titles such as Psycho Sisters, International Necktie StranglerThe Vegas Showgirl Strangler and Sorority Slaughter.

Sadly, Limbo is the only full-length movie that she directed and wrote.

Shot in an abandoned warehouse that Krause was living in, this is a non-linear journey to Hell that starts with its female lead killing a date and then breaking every wall there is as Krause escapes movies where she showed up to take showers and disrobe and instead gets down and gets weird. She’s able to push people back with just a thought while constantly speaking to an disembodied voice that keeps asking if people will forgive her for all she’s done. From there, we’re constantly moving, down dark hallways, past faceless faces, speeding on a highway to oblivion, blood, masks, glow in the dark paint, strobing lights, images covering images, so much screaming and always the darkness.

I’ve seen this movie compared to Lynch, but I truly believe that it’s the rare film that can somehow co-exist within the same legitamately unsettling cinematic world that The Last House On Dead End Street occupies.

It took Krause two years to make this and she went through losing two leads as she worked to make it real. It’s beyond intense and speaks to why I love SOV so much, because the consumer nature of the equipment made movies democratic, in that finally anyone, any gender, any place in the world could take what was in their head and make it a piece of content that you could hold, watch and disappear into.

You can watch this on Tubi or get the blu ray from AGFA.

2 thoughts on “Limbo (1999)

  1. Hey Sam… it’s Tina Krause… Chip sent me this link… thank you love the review! So I am currently writing and directing 2 more movies and a tv show 😉


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