Das komabrutale Duell (1999)

The Coma-Brutal Duel is one of two movies made by Heiko Fipper, along with Ostermontag or I Spit On Your Fucking Grave Bitch! If you think that you’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to German ultragore shot on video movies, get ready.

Less a film than a series of shorts created between 1984 and 1999, this starts with Stephan Bandera losing his father to a drunk driver named John Eisentempler and enlisting an organized crime family to help him get revenge. It seems that the drunk driver won’t get any prison time, so Stephen pledges himself to the family and what follows is a calvalcade of carnage and human body destruction.

Only Heiko, the son of John, survives and just barely. He ends up in a coma that lasts ten years and walks into the sunset, only to be met by a still-alive Stephan and another bloody battle that takes out both of them.

He awakens, crucified, as the mob has their way with him while they bring Stephan back to life just as a zombie attacks. By the close, zombies are in nearly every scene as the leads continually battle over and over again until there can be only one alive.

Everyone was obviously having fun making this, no matter how tense some of the torture scenes get. How else can you explain characters scooping up their own brains, putting them back in their heads and getting back out to fight again? It’s like playing army in your old neighborhood where every wound magically heals except these ones send brown sprays of blood everywhere. It also has a mob made up of eight identical members, so at least it realizes how ridiculous it is, but those of a more delicate stomach may want to skip a movie that has a baby ripped out of a womb and stomped into oblivion.

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