Bad Karma (1991)

Before Alex Chandon made Cradle of Fear, he made this and wow, I love every bit of this grimy movie way better than that. It starts with a barbecue party being destroyed by shape-shifting Hare Krishnas who can become monstrous beings that feel like they belong up on the stage with Gwar but here they are destroying the suburbs.

Those monsters have just two days to worship their god Kalimah — the Kalimas are the basic beliefs of Muslims all around the world, so don’t come here for actual religious class — but they run into a biker gang given to giving chainsaw enemas — I mean, the same guy made Chainsaw Scumfuck — as well as a gang of BDSM enthusiasts and even some rednecks complete with a banjo player.

F bombs, British punk energy, monsters that look like they could parade about your town for Halloween, an up-close castration via garden shears, a Death Wish 3-looking gang, Frisbee-fu, a pole right to the face, bad acting and at least one part that had to be shot in a hotel room and I bet they ran out and didn’t use one of their own credit cards to pay for the damage to the room.

It’s cheap, messy and will take up about 1/6th the time that that new Avatar will waste and it cost a fraction of that movie’s budget that I am in no way good enough at math to comprehend. Most of the money on this was spent on FX and the rest on beer. As it should be.

Again, altohippiegabber has kept this alive and on YouTube.

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