Released in South Korea as Alien+Human Part 1, this is one wild movie, weaving together three different timelines come together, all based around aliens putting their criminals into human bodies and trapping them on Earth where they are tracked, extracted and contained by Thunder (the voice of Kim Dae-myung) and Guard (Kim Woo-bin), two robots armed with a weapon called the Crystal Knife which leds them see and travel through time. As a result of a battle in 1380, Guard has promised to raise Yian (Choi Yu-ri), the daughter of the human host of one of the aliens who is killed in combat, as his own daughter. Now, they seek the Collector, the alien mastermind trying to help all of these convict aliens to escape Earth.

Meanwhile, in 1391, Muruk (Ryu Jun-yeol) is a bounty hunter magician who — along with other martial artists like a masked shaman and a husband and wife magician duo — are on the hunt for the Divine Blade, which is — you guessed it — from space.

Director and writer Choi Dong-hoon does something pretty amazing here in that he takes two wildly different stories — science fiction and historic Korean fantasy —  and jams them into one film that really feels like fifty films in the space of a little over two hours.

So spoiler warning: This movie is going to make your head spin and the story is too big for just one film, as this is just the first part. Don’t let that hold you back. I haven’t seen this much imagination in one film for some time, a movie that mixes nearly every genre into one cocktail and somehow comes out tasting way better than you’d been led to think it would. Does it always make sense? Nope. Does it look awesome? Yes.

You can get this from Well Go USA at stores everywhere. I mean, I even saw it at Walmart!

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