Youjo Melon (1987)

The Legend of the Woman’s Mystery Youkai Melon may start with very solemn readings of scrolls in the forest, but this SOV Japanese short is ready to give you so much more. A punk rock band has found a grimy new place to practice in and when that hets boring, one of their members finds some wooden boxes filled with — you guessed it — melons. Yet he should have paid attention to that opening narrations — we all should have — because it causes everyone in his band to get killed in increasingly gory ways, the kind that only happen in 1980s SOV Japanese short videos with mermaids, manholes and flowers of blood.

The joy of it all is that the witch that comes from the boxes and kills everyone can be reasoned with and is totally fine with resurrecting the band and being on stage with them when they play a secret show in the bowels of some urban bombed out section of Neo Tokyo in the year 19XX and everyone rocks out and maybe some people are more machine than man and demons and normal people can all get along and we can erase all that goopy head exploding like water under the bridge. Just don’t jump in the water off one of those bridges, because they’re super polluted.

Thanks to Garbage Gibbage, you can download this on the Internet Archive.

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