Conton (1987)

Also known as Jushin Densetsu (Beast God Legend), this 46-minute blast of Japanese SOV insanity was directed and written by Takuro Fukuda who went on to write for several Kamen Rider series.  It’s the story of  orphaned college student Goh (Tasashi Kato) who is dealing with several issues all at once, foremost that that he owes the Yakuza not just the money he’s paid but now more money for interest. When he tries to sleep, he dreams of being followed by demonic creatures that he tries to recreate in sculpture form in his waking hours. And his girlfriend Emi (Kyoko Katayama) keeps trying to help him but all he does is push her away.

Those dreams keep getting worse, like a mouth in the sink and a decapitated zombie head that attacks him. If only his job at a movie studio paid more, yet that seems just an excuse — actually, a good one — for some flamboyant 80s dance.

This is a movie that wears its influences proudly, like a title card that is 100% stolen from Demons and a fanatic devotion to 80s transformation effects.  I mean, when Goh finally transforms and takes out those organized crime toughs, it’s shot for shot taken from An American Werewolf In London. And hey — there’s the soundtrack from Phenomena blasting through a scene!

If I saw this in my teens, I’d be drawing all the monsters over and over again. Who am I kidding? I’m doing the same thing in my old age. Behold the power of goopy gore, long may it drizzle and bubble.

You can download this from the Internet Archive or watch it on YouTube.

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