Those Who Call (2021)

Shot in Magnolia, TX and based on a Cuban folk tale, director and writer Anubys Lopez’s first film finds sisters Ana (Angie Sandoval) and Sandra (Yetlanezi Rodriguez) taking a roadtrip to reconnect and going through Whispering Pines, the kind of town where even the gas station owners try to attack you when you want to fill up. Does this seem like the kind of place where you take a nap in your car? No, of course it isn’t. But you know what I always say. We wouldn’t have a movie if they didn’t make these mistakes.

There’s a bit too much arguing and way too much abject stupidity on the protagonists’ part to get me to recommend this to you, but for those that like backwoods horror, dark rituals and — you guessed it — family secrets, well, then this is certainly for you.

The one part that did work for me, however, is when they went into an abandoned house and discovered a room filled with missing posters with their information and photos on them. That’s a striking and something haunting thought, to discover your own fate in that way, and if Lopez follows that path, his next movie — Aged — will be much better.

Those Who Call is now available from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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