Like Father, Like Daughter (2022)

Serial killer Kyle Wheeler (Ken Brewer, who also directed and co-wrote this movie with Meri Gyetvay) and his even more murderous daughter Nancy (Kaitlin Kinner) have just walked into the park where retired San Francisco cop Matt (Doug Waugh) has just started his new retirement job. Now, he and fellow rangers Cletus (Joe D’Auganno) and Mike (Lawrence Waller) not only have to keep everyone in the park safe, they have to protect themselves, too.

What follows is a movie that’s the right length — 68 minutes — and non-stop running and slashing. It never takes itself seriously, nor does it feel any reason not to laugh at the slasher genre along the way.

What this film is missing in budget it makes up for in scenery, as the park they shot this in is absolutely perfect for what follows, a constant chase of killers against those seeking to avoid being killed. The effects are mostly practical — there are some well-done stabbing kills — and the power chord-rich metal that drives it all is a lot of fun.

My favorite part was when they hyped up the MMA fighter who goes up against Nancy and how quick the battle is. Consider this movie streaming barbecue chips — filling for a short time with some flavor that’ll make you think about it and maybe want another bite later.

Want to learn more? Visit the official site for the movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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