Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022)

Vampire Penelope (Dawna Lee Helsing) and her thrall Harold (Ken May) are a good lesson for all would-be vampires out there in the world. That’s because despite getting eternal life, life itself keeps on happening, including the need to find a job, earn a living and pay for where your coffin rests. Living in a tent is rough when you expect a castle to be where you lure victims, you know?

Directed by Craig Railsback and written by Heather Joseph-Witham, this movie has Penelope having to take on jobs that are beneath the queen of the vampires, such as dog walker and car washer. As you can imagine, death follows and everyone that crosses her path has to pay, even if it’s just an accident that they get dispatched. Throw in a vampire hunter trying to take out Penelope and perhaps a rival for Harold’s devotion and you have plenty to savor in this almost-too-quick twenty-two minute short film.

I’ve been watching a ton of 80s and 90s shot on video films and wondering where the people who pushed to make their own movies in this format went to today and why people weren’t pushing for their own creative films, seeing as how the tools to shoot movies are easier to come by today. That’s why I’m glad I watched this, as it has a lot of fun inside it and sure, the effects aren’t perfect, but that’s so much of the charm.

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