Idu Saadhya (1989)

The title of this movie is This Is Possible and it proves it. It was shot in 48 hours and is, yes, the Indian Kannada remake of Michele Soavi’s Stagefright but has nearly an hour of comedy before becomes a remake of that film, except that the owl-masked killer in this is nearly cute in costume while equally being horrifying while out of it, ranting, spewing blood and sweating himself into a frenzy.

Director and writer Dinesh Baboo is known for films like Amrutha Varshini and Inspector Vikram. This somehow has cops that aren’t as ineffectual as the originals, but that movie sets such a bar for the worst police work in the history of giallo, if not film itself.

This movie also has some deranged music — check it out on YouTube — that somehow mixes an evil voice saying “Beware!” with a swing beat, distorted guitars and a sing-along chorus that shouts “Somewhere!” It also tends to alternate between English and Kannada and has rap parts and drums that had to come from an 808 they found at a swap meet. It’s so good.

In case you ever get down, remember that you live in a world that did not only create Stagefright but also this remix remake ripoff of it and that it’s actually good. I mean, the chainsaw scene makes it in here, even if it’s a budget version, but how wonderful are movies that can cross the borders of ythe world?

You can watch this on YouTube.

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