Bruce and the Iron Finger (1979)

Despite being billed so often as Bruce Li as he led the pack of Brucesploitation actors, Ho Chung Tao used his own name for this film. He plays a cop visiting Hong Kong who finds himself in the midst of a case, as a number of martial arts masters have been found dead with two puncture wounds in their necks. This isn’t the work of a vampire, but instead a masked martial arts madman played by Ku Feng that has used his secret skill to turn his entire skin into steel, an act which has robbed him of his ability to make love, so he’s gone even crazier. I mean, he will die if he has sex and screams that at one point.

Ho Chung Tao also fights — and then teams up — with fellow replacement Dragon Bruce Leung. Yet the real joy of this movie is that yes, it is somehow a kung fu giallo set on the grimy streets of 1979 Hong Kong and has a bravura performance by Lee Hoi Gei as Ku Feng’s woman LuLu. She’s obviously unsatisfied by her man, so she keeps cucking him by bringing so many fighters back to their bed, getting them all worked up and then having her man come on in and penetrate them — in the neck — with his iron fingers. Sure, LuLu is also involved in human trafficking and a horrible person, but I was charmed by the fact that she never wears anything in this movie that isn’t see-through and at one point rides a man like a pony around their small apartment and then puts a cigarette out in his mouth.

As if I couldn’t love a movie that unites fake Bruce Lee cinema with giallo, well, this also liberally steals from the soundtrack of Death Wish. Also: this was called Bruce Lee Dominator in Italy, which is incredible.

I guess director To Lo Po has as much right as anyone to make a Bruce Lee ripoff, as he was as assitant director om Enter the Dragon.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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