Kino Cult Midnight Movie double feature deep cuts in January

This January, the Kino Cult linear FAST channel streams deep cuts of cult horror titles as thematically-paired “midnight movie” double features throughout the month all free with ads. They play at midnight EST.

Tuesdays remain dedicated to “Tune In, Turn On,” a weekly programming slot for mind-bending and psychedelic cinema; and on Saturday nights Kino Cult introduces “Midnight Mass,” a series of double features showcasing nunsploitation films, religious horror and the occult.

Kino Cult is a free ad-supported streaming destination for genre lovers of horror and cult films, Kino Cult also has hundreds of new and rare theatrically released cult hits, all presented in beautiful high definition. Additionally, Kino Cult offers an ad-free subscription plan for $4.99 per month.

My recommendations:

January 1: Ms. 45 and I Spit On Your Grave

January 3: A Virgin Among the Living Dead and Black Magic Rites

January 8: Angel and Demons

January 19: Shining Sex and Macumba Sexual

January 22: She Freak and Night Tide

January 29: Death Promise and Miami Connection

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