Night Gallery episode 3: The House/Certain Shadows On the Wall

Originally airing on December 30, 1970, this episode of Night Gallery starts to get darker than the season has been up to now.

Elaine Latimer (Joanna Pettet, The Evil) has spent her time in a mental hospital dreaming of a country road that leads to the house of her dreams. Pettet is a fixture on this show, also appearing in the stories “The Caterpillar,” “Keep in Touch – We’ll Think of Something” and “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes.” Consider this a short F giallo, as we wonder if Elaine has lost her mind or perhaps she has finally learned where she belongs.

Directed by John Astin, this story was based on an original story by Andre Maurois and the script was written by Serling.

“Certain Shadows On a Wall” brings Agnes Moorehead back to working with Serling, as her character Emma is killed by her brother Stephen (Louis Hayward), yet remains a shadow on the wall watching as her sisters Ann (Grayson Hall) and Rebecca (Rachel Roberts) plan Stephen’s demise.

Directed by Jeff Corey — who is mostly known for acting; he was Zed in Battle Beyond the Stars and was also in Jennifer and The Premonition — this was also a Serling script, this time based on a story by Mary Eleanor Freeman.

While neither story is fully realized, this episode finds the show heading for the twisted tales that make me adore it so much.

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