Amityville Christmas Vacation (2022)

Steve Rudzinski directed CarousHELL and CarousHELL 2 so I’m giving him a pass on this one, because we all have an Amityville movie in us somewhere and hey, at least he made one that defies the mold. Along with co-writer Bill Murphy, he’s telling the story of Wally Griswold (Rudzinski), the same character he plays in the Meowy the cat series of movies.

Wally has won a trip over the holidays to Amityville and to stay overnight at a Christmas-themed bed and breakfast which is, you guessed it, the former home of the Lutz and DeFeo families. He falls in love with someone else in the house who ends up being a ghost, a fact that he is absolutely clueless about and we have a combination Amityville and Hallmark Christmas romantic comedy all at the same time.

Ben Dietels from Neon Brainiacs is in it and it’s only fifty minutes long. These are both quite good reasons to watch this movie. It’s fully aware of how silly it all is without being so in on the joke that it gets lame. It’s also relatively family safe with none of the usual insanity of these movies. I’m just happy that it’s a real movie, that it’s fun and that I got to watch it.

You can watch this on Tubi or order it from the filmmaker.

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