When I wrote about CarousHELL, I said “Don’t expect a budget. Do expect women to have sex with unicorns. See? You can’t always get what you want, but when you try sometimes, you just may find a tusk in the meat locker.”

Well, the second movie blew my mind.

It’s like someone had fan fiction of the first movie and someone said, “Sure, here’s $1700.”

But seriously, writers Aleen Isley (who also plays Ilsa) and Steve Rudzinski (who directed both of these movies) have done the impossible and made a movie that blew what’s left of my mind, creating a story in which Duke the carousel unicorn seeks his purpose in life, learns that he’s a father and also discovers that his origins lie within the occult secrets of the Third Reich.

Also, he’s an unmoving carousel unicorn.

Steve Rimpici is back as Duke’s voice and Brittany Barnabei plays his son Robbie. The film actually has pathos and moments of sadness that make you feel something and yes, I was making myself realize that I was getting emotional about a wooden horse and a stuffed animal, but that really points to just how good this is.

Also, human heads blow up.

Look, I have no idea how this was so great. But I’m so happy that I found the magic inside this film.

You can watch this on Tubi or purchase it from the official Silver Spotlight site.

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