Mill Creek Through the Decades: 2010s Collection

Mill Creek continues their new box sets with Through the Decades: 2010s Collection. You get ten movies from that era across a variety of genre and you’ll be amazed that some of these movies are more than ten years old. You can order it from Deep Discount.

I really enjoy these sets because the quality of the films are pretty good and while you don’t get many extras, you also get ten movies for much less than buying them on their own. It’s also allowed me to explore several 2010s movies I missed and I found at least one — Seeking a Friend for the End of the World — that I consider a high quality movie that I’ll think about often.

I’d really like the label to go back and do another set of each decade, because there’s nothing I love more than discovering new films. Check this set out and do the same thing for yourself.

MacGruber (2010): The legendary MacGruber faces off against his nemesis Dieter Von Cunth, who is threatening to level Washington, D.C. with a nuclear warhead.

The American (2010): American assassin Jack has one more job to do before he gets out of the game for good. Hiding out in the Italian countryside, he befriends some of the locals, risking their lives and his own in this taut thriller.

The Dilemma (2011):  Ronny discovers that his best friend and business partner Nick’s wife is having an affair, and struggles with telling Nick as the biggest opportunity of their career approaches.

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)A simple affair between a politician and a dancer unfurls into a thrilling race for the truth behind the mysterious organization that seems determined to keep them apart.

Your Highness (2011): An arrogant and chivalrous prince and his scoundrel brother must work together to rescue the prince’s bride-to-be from an evil sorcerer.

The Thing (2011): The staff of an Antarctic research station are picked off one by one by a ferocious alien organism that can assume the form of those it kills.

Contraband (2012):  An ex-smuggler is dragged back into the business, trafficking millions in counterfeit bills in order to protect his brother-in-law from a powerful drug lord.

Safe House (2012)Assigned to guard a fugitive in a Cape Town safehouse, a rookie CIA agent is in over his head when they are attacked by mercenaries and are forced to work together to survive.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012): As an asteroid hurtles towards Earth, a man embarks on a cross country road trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart, so he won’t have to die alone.

Black Sea (2014): A former submarine captain heads an expedition backed by a questionable investor to search the bottom of the Black Sea for a sunken Nazi sub loaded with gold.

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