MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Through the Decades: 2010s Collection: The American (2010)

Anton Corbijn is probably best known for his music videos for bands such as Depeche Mode (“Never Let Me Down Again,” “Behind the Wheel,” “Policy of Truth”), U2 (“Pride (In the Name of Love,” “One”), Nirvana (“Heart-Shaped Box”) and so many more. He made the Ian Curtis biography Control in 2007 and has made several movies while still being involved in music, making two films about Depeche Mode, the concert movie Depeche Mode Live in Berlin and the documentary Spirits in the Forest.

Based on the 1990 novel A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth, The American finds George Clooney playing Jack, a gunsmith and contract killer, who is also known as Edward when he gets spotted, a fact that he finds him killing his lover Ingrid (Irina Björklund) to keep from being found out.

He leaves for Castelvecchio, a small town in the mountains of Abruzzo, where he begins a relationship with two women: a prostitute named Clara (Violante Placido) and Mathilde (Thekla Reuten), who asks him to build a special rifle. Yet at every turn, others are hunting him.

Jack/Edward regrets his life and killing Ingrid, so he confesses to Father Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli) and tries to imagine a world where he can be with Clara, all while Mathilde readies to use the gun he made to kill him.

With allusions to the films of Leone and Don’t Look Now, director Anton Corbijn and writer Rowan Joffé have created an intriguing film with no real heroes.

The Mill Creek Through the Decades: 2010s Collection has ten movies for a great price, including Macgruber, The DilemmaThe Adjustment Bureau, Your Highness, The Thing, Contraband, Safe House, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Black Sea. You can order it from Deep Discount.

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