MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Through the Decades: 2010s Collection: Safe House (2012)

The first English language film by director Daniel Espinosa  — who would go on to make Life and Morbius — Safe House stars Ryan Reynolds as CIA agent Matt Weston. Stationed in Cape Town, South Africa, he is placed in charge of the safe house where the CIA is interrogating the traitorous agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington). The safe house isn’t so safe and is soon attacked by a team of mercenaries, allowing Frost to run along with Weston. But who can the young agent trust?

The Macguffin is a device that contains evidence of corruption and bribery within the CIA, MI6, and other intelligence agencies, all put together from a report from Mossad intelligence. Everyone wants it and is willing to die for it.

If you enjoy these types of political thrillers, you’ll probably enjoy it. Critics hated the way the action scenes were shot, but it has plenty of drama at the end, as Reynolds and Washington have good chemistry.

The Mill Creek Through the Decades: 2010s Collection has ten movies for a great price, including The AmericanMacGruberThe DilemmaThe Adjustment BureauYour HighnessThe ThingContrabandSeeking a Friend for the End of the World and Black Sea. You can order it from Deep Discount.

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