The Brides Wore Blood (1972)

The poster to this movie is all it took to get me, but then I discovered that hardly anyone has watched this, that it was shot in Jacksonville, Florida for nearly no money and it goes all out occult weirdness in the midst of sunlight sleaze. All of this and more, please.

A psychic tells a young blonde named Yvonne (Dolores Heiser) that she needs a new life and should move to Florida, which brings her into the world of the DeLorca family. They have a curse upon them as once there was a ritual to conjure evil spirits that got interrupted, so now each male son becomes a vampire, which kills the mother upon the second birth.

The family has a plan: Madame von Kirst explains to them if they lure four girls — remember the young lady I discussed above? — to their house and do a new ritual, they can escape the pox upon their clan. There are also three other girls — Laura (Jan Sherman), Vickie (Rita Ballard) and Dana (Delores Starling) — as well as a hunchback and a wild sunlit home, which seems like not the place for vampires to live, but hey, I’m not a cursed vampiric madman, so what do I really know?

The occult influence on this film comes directly from all of Anton LaVey’s appearances in men’s magazines, focusing on his use of nude women as altars. Obviously, I am scandalized by all of this.

You can watch this on Tubi.


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