Tomb of Torture (1963)

I love that at one point Italian gothic horror was getting imported to America regularly. Like this movie, known as Metempsyco over there and directed by one and done Antonio Boccacci who was mostly a paperback writer.

Shot in sepia tone, it stars Annie Alberti — a one-time fumetti novel star — as Anna Darnell, who is tormented by visions of a dead countess. Her father does the only sensible thing. No, he doesn’t pay for her therapy and give her space to solve her issues. No, instead he takes her to the castle where the countess lived — and a place where at least two women have died in recent days — and lets her work it out. Well, hope you do well, Anna, and enjoy that strange mutilated hunchback doing all the tying up and killing.

This was released in the U.S. along with Night of the Vampires which was given the title Cave of the Living Dead.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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