SLASHER MONTH: The Intruder (1975)

Shot in Florida and pretty much forgotten until Garagehouse saved it, this movie was made by Chris Robinson (Stanley from, you know, Stanley) for $25,000 and the locations were free thanks to Yvonne DeCarlo and Mickey Rooney impressing the owners of the house they filmed at.

Several people have come to this house — Rooney was the boat captain that got them there — because Henry Peterson is going to give them the money they deserve. Or kill them. Maybe both.

Somehow, that budget also paid for Ted Cassidy and cinematographer Jack McGowan, who shot ZaatChildren Shouldn’t Play With Dead ThingsDeathdreamDerangedMardi Gras Massacre and King Frat. I mean, look at that resume.

There’s a great reveal of the killer as lighting explodes on the coast. That looks way better than the budget of this film would suggest. Imagine A Bay of Blood except shot in a Florida swamp by actors who also would show up on Love Boat or Fantasy Island and man, how do you not want to see that? How can you not love that?

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