SLASHER MONTH: Scream, Baby, Scream (1968)

Also known as Nightmare House, this was directed by Joseph Adler, who mostly directed theater in South Florida as well as the movies Sex and the College GirlRevenge Is My DestinyDoublesSammy Somebody and Convention Girls. The script was written by Larry Cohen, who went onward and upward from here.

Charles Butler is famous of his art which is filled with blood and gore. The truth? He’s working with Dr. Garrison — I mean, they have mutants to do their dirty work — and kidnapping models and using them to take his artwork further, saying wild stuff like “Yesterday’s nightmare is today’s dream and tomorrow’s reality.”

In-between all that artistic murder, we have a hero named Jason (Ross Harris) who treats his girlfriend Janet (Eugenie Wingate) like trash, an acid trip freakout, Janet treats Jason poorly as well and the soundtrack is a mix of psych-out fuzzy rock and freakout jazz. I’ve seen Adler’s direction described as “barely competent” which means that I am now seeking out the rest of his movies.

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