2022 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 14: The House Where Evil Dwells (1982)

14. THE RUBY ANNI-VHS-ARY: Watch something that came out in 1982. #onlyonVHS!

Based on the novel by James Hardiman and directed by Kevin Connor (From Beyond the Grave), this movie starts with a samurai committing murder-suicide when he catches his wife with another man. The house, as you can pick up from the title, is haunted and that’s the nightmare world that the Fletchers — Ted (Edward Albert), Laura (Susan George) and Amy (Amy Barrett) — end up living at.

The spirits of the house possess Laura and she ends up having an affair with Ted’s friend Alex (Doug McClure), which seems like the kind of excuse guys use to get away with getting caught. Seriously, a samurai and the dead spirits of his wife and her secret lover made me do it. They also turned into spider crabs and pushed our little girl out of a tree! Why don’t you believe me?

Connor related a story about one of the lovemaking scenes in this movie: “The interesting story about this is that the producers wanted a more graphic sex scene, which wasn’t in the script. So Edward Albert and Susan George agreed to do it on their terms which was that Susan would wear her panties because of an experience she had had on Straw Dogs where somebody at the lab (allegedly) had copied some of the revealing out-takes from her nude scenes – so she certainly wasn’t going to let that happen again. You can imagine how difficult it was to shoot a nude scene with both your leads wearing underwear, but it worked out very well.”

Between ninjas and ghost samurai, Susan George’s early 80s really were something.

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