SLASHER MONTH: Puppet Master 5 (1994)

They called this the Final Chapter but come on. When has that ever been the case when a movie gets that tagged on?

Sutekh is a demon from hell out to destroy all of the puppets, new hero Rick (Gordon Currie) is in jail for the murders of the researchers from Puppet Master 4 and Dr. Jennings (Ian Ogilvy), the new director of the Artificial Intelligence research project, just wants Toulon’s secret.

Blade, Pinhead, Jester, Tunneler, Torch, Six Shooter and Decapitron are the heroes this time. It’s funny to see characters that once killed humans saving them, but nearly all horror characters are doomed to become good guys at some point.

The same team that made the last film — which was shot back to back with this one — are back on hand, like director Jeff Burr and writer Charles Band (who had some assistance from Steven E. Carr, Todd Henschell, Keith S. Payson, Jo Duffy and Douglas Aarniokoski). The cost-cutting is still here, as the music comes from Meridian and Robot Wars. The crew also had all of their paychecks bounce on the same day and walked out together.

I wonder how Clu Gulager felt about all of this when he did his cameo.

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