Meridian: Kiss of the Beast (1990)

Dennis Paoli wrote Re-AnimatorFrom BeyondDagonThe DentistSpellcaster and Castle Freak, so I would put his Full Moon work on the good side of the “Is it a good or bad Full Moon?” equation that we’ll discuss throughout this week of their films. I am thanking him for somehow getting Charles Band to make a movie with all non-small characters, save Phil Fondacaro, because Mr. Band just can’t seem to make a movie without someone short or miniature.

Unlike so many other Full Moon films, this one looks and sounds great, with a Pino Donaggio score and a lush and romantic feel, because hey, it’s the Full Moon version of Beauty and the Beast.

It’s also incredibly troubling, as Lawrence and his twin brother are under a curse and may only be killed by someone who loves them. I don’t believe that said curse gives them license — here’s the rough part — to drug and assault our main character Catherine Bomarzini (Sherilyn Fenn) and her friend Gina (Charlie Spradling, who was also in the Full Moon films Bad Channels and Puppet Master II).

Also known as The Ravaging, which is the re-mastered title, this movie also has a ghost girl, a faithful nanny and monster and human lovemaking. It’s kind of like the Cinemax version of a fairy tale — umm, no wait, that would be Fairy Tales — and I’m sure that lots of folks rented this before they could actually rent VCA movies and were rewarded with something even stranger than an actual adult movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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