Hostage (2021)

Ashley, a young cheerleader, may seem like she has a perfect life. But the trust is that her parents are really the killers of her birth parents. And sure, they’re parents and you expect any mom and dad to have some problems, but I mean, they really have issues. When a home robbery happens, Ashley gets the chance to either escape or be part of this family for good.

A man named Mark has broken into Ashley’s home, but he learns that her family may be even worse criminals than he is. He’s willing to whatever it takes to survive, but they’re doing everything they can to make sure he won’t.

Nicole Henderson, who plays Ashley, is pretty great in this, taking on a role that hovers between someone you sympathize for and may even fear a little. She’s got a good script from Laura Ashley Polisena to work from and the direction of Eddie Augustin, making his full-length debut, to guide her.

The conclusion to this movie — which struck me as very A Bay of Blood — actually shocked me. That hasn’t happened in some time, so well done to all involved.

You can watch Hostage on digital from Terror Films. It’s also on Tubi.

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