SLASHER MONTH: The Barn (2016)

Justin M. Seaman is from Claysville, PA and as a fellow Washington County resident — Monongahela forever — I’m pleased to see someone from around here make horror movies. He planned this movie for years and even wrote a book about it when he was eight years old. This movie feels like watching a slasher film when you’re too young and not allowed.

Sam (Mitchell Musolino) and Josh (Will Stout) are ready to graduate high school, which sadly means that the days of trick or treating will be over. They want to have one last great time, so they go to a rock concert with some friends and then try out a local legend, knocking on a barn door and saying “trick or treat” three times. They think it’s a dud. The truth? The Boogeyman, Hollow Jack and The Candy Corn Scarecrow are let loose on the sleepy town of Wheary Falls.

What I like about this movie — and totally didn’t come out in the trailers — is that it stays serious and isn’t a Troma-style movie made to be bad. It’s an 80s direct to video supernatural on the loose slasher made with practical effects and a great story. It’s also a treat to see Ari Lehman and Linnea Quigley in this.

If anything, The Barn Part II gets even better. I’m ready for Season of the Barn.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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