FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Missing (2021)

After the loss of his wife, Satoshi has nearly lost everything, including his table tennis club. All he has left is his daughter Kaeda. He’s become absent-minded, becoming lost in a fog and even getting arrested for stealing in a grocery store. So when he tells Kaeda that he just saw a serial killer named Terumi, she thinks he’s in a fantasy all his own. But after he disappears, she realizes that things have become very real.

Director Shinzo Katayama has worked as Bong Joon-ho’s assistant director and this film shows that he’s been studying and working as his craft because this is a very assured film.

Kaeda has been forced to grow up, not just because of the loss of her mother, but because her father is drifting away. All he can do is drink and dream and cry and she has also become almost a mother to him. Terumi, the killer that her father is trying to capture, tells his victims that he’s helping them with their suicide, but he’s actually a heartless killer who commits these acts because he feels that life has lost any sense of beauty.

This is a bleak film and it might be too much for some. Yet if you love movies that explore the bonds between fathers and daughters, as well as man’s inhumanity, it’s worth your time.

I watched Missing at Fantastic Fest.

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4 thoughts on “FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Missing (2021)

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