Feng huang wang zi (1989)

Magic Warriors is the third movie in a trilogy that includes Child of Peach and Magic of Spell. I am happy to inform you that in no way did this series of movies ever get less weird or filled with whimsy.

Well, it’s kind of the third part. It was released as Child of Peach 3 in some places, but it’s a totally different story with the same cast and crew. Lin Hsiao-Lu is now Little Flying Dragon and he/she must protect Golden Boy, the son of a male sword fighting angel and female demon witch. Somehow, he also has a map that can find the only weapon that can kill the Devil King so everyone wants to find him. Also, Devil King has kidnapped Golden Boy’s parents, so they have to figure out how to get that weapon and defeat him.

Golden Boy’s magical powers all revolve around toilet humor. Like when he remembers that his mother told him that when you’re drunk, you can find the truth, so to remember even more of what she told him he gets completely drunk and he’s a kid. A little kid. He then pisses in Little Flying Dragon’s face. He also farts and has poop-based projectile abilities.

There are green skinned monsters to battle, a scene where Little Flying Dragon gets poisoned and turns into a monkey and enemies that look like snails and mushrooms. You should really abandon any hope that this will make sense or be normal. Why would you want that anyway?

I wish there had been thousands of these movies. There are more out there, however, so the hunt is on to find movies that are in the same world as this. Every time I wonder if the well of strange film will dry up, it gives me a new obsession.

You can either watch this on YouTube or download two parts on the Internet Archive: part one and part two.

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