Konan The Barbarian Swordsman (1985)

Mostly edited from the Korean movie Muin (The Warrior), this movie has no one named Konan. It does have Eagle, the hero of this story, and it is not afraid at all to rip off from Lone Wolf and Cub.

Directed by Ki-pung Choi but also remixed into maniacal unclarity by IFD, this has their white man ninjas who wear headbands that just say ninja in case you wonder, “Are they ninjas?”

Anyways, Eagle — he’s also called You-seong — takes a bloody journey to Mongolia in search of General Yong Tae-san, the man who destroyed his family and kidnapped his fiancee Su-ruin. There’s also a Mexican comedy relief character who is doing a Cheech impersonation which seems to not match the world or the time that this movie takes place in, but neither do screenprinted ninja headbands, so really any complaints that I have are moot.

Actually, I have no complaints. This is like an hour of violence and a dude’s hand gets chopped off. That’s all I need.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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