Grab The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 60th anniversary novelization!

It Came From Hollywood! is ready to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of one of cult cinema’s greatest pulp science-fiction/horror shockers with their brand-new novelization of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! It dares to go further than the screen ever allowed!

Robert Freese delivers The Brain That Wouldn’t Die like you have never before experienced it! Includes a brief history of the film’s production by movie marketing archivist Paul Mcvay, along with a reproduction of the original 13-page press book and eight lobby cards.

You can get the book by itself or in a Brain Bundle. Each copy is numbered and signed by the writer, Robert Freese. The Brain Bundle also includes a set of 8 post cards reproducing the original Lobby Card set as well as a full reproduction of the A.I.P. Pressbook for Brain and it’s original co-feature Invasion of the Star Creatures. (The pressbook also includes a reproduction of Star Creature‘s original 8 Lobby Card set!) The standalone Pressbook reproduction is recreated in the original colors it was originally printed in. And of course, a button so you can wear your fandom and show your support for re-animated heads everywhere! The Brain Bundle is limited to 25 copies and is only $30.


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