Deathmaster (1972)

Khorda (Robert Quarry) may look like Count Yorga and use a line from the ads for one of his two movies, but he is not him. I know, he’s even wearing the same prop fangs, but I have been assured that this is not Count Yorga.

This vampire’s coffin floats onto the beach from Invasion of the Crab Monsters and before you can say Manson Family, he has an entire army of impressionable hippies answering his orders like the flute-playing Barbado (LaSesne Hilton) who kills a surfer as simply as I would write about a movie and Bobby Pickett — yes, Boris “Monster Mash” Pickett — playing some folk songs while everyone tunes in and drops out.

There’s also the union of biker couple Monk Reynolds and Esslin (William Jordan and Berry Anne Rees) with hippie kung fu practitioner Pico (Bill Ewing) and his lady Rona (Brenda Dickson) who get help evading the cops from a guy who sells ponchos and other counterculture stuff, Pop (John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet). When Pop’s puppy gets bit by a vampire, it’s time to breach the walls of Khorda’s castle.

All the Yorga movies — yes, I know, I said this wasn’t one — have bummer endings and this is no different. I guess I respect that it has counterculture cults with the least nudity one of those gatherings ever had. The hero is also a complete moron so you’ll probably cheer on Khorda.

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