Out There Halloween Mega Tape (2022)

If you haven’t seen the WNUF Halloween Special, you should just stop reading this and do exactly that.

This spiritual sequel, directed and written by Chris LaMartina (Call Girl of CthulhuWhat Happens Next Will Scare You, WNUF Halloween Special) moves from the UHF past to the VHS, well, also past to inform of us of what happened next. But it’s also so much more.

If you ordered from Video Search of Miami or were lucky enough to be part of a tape trading crew, this movie will delight your heart beyond belief. This mixtape of footage comes from Trader Tony’s Tape Dungeon, a bootleg video operation that had been busted by the government and this release is to pay for Tony’s release.

It starts with an episode of a talk show hosted by Ivy Sparks (Melissa LaMartina) that would completely fit into the world of Ricki Lake yet also retains its local channel feel. Where WNUF felt part of the time when UHF reigned supreme, this episode is when your local affiliate was just starting to lose its hold on media and give way to large networks, as Fox became the fourth network and all of the shows that you loved like local pro wrestling and horror hosts were replaced by infomercials. We may not have known it at the time, but we were in the saddest of timelines.

Now, WNUF is an ACE channel and Ivy Sparks now hosts the show Out There, which feels like the kind of wild 90s prime time specials Fox used to air when they were the outlaw-feeling network that put alien autopsies live on the air.

I really loved the darkness at the edge of the public service announcements, the callbacks to the fate of characters from the first chapter of this story and the dread that builds as a UFO cult gets closer to being called home. This may have been inspired by the world of thirty years ago, but it’s literally the happiest I’ve been watching a movie this year.

You can buy this from the official site or check it out in person as it goes on tour. You can also get a VHS edition that comes with a printed catalog of every movie Trader Tony has for sale.

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