CANNON MONTH 2: Deadly Heroes (1993)

Sure, Deadly Heroes is pretty much The Delta Force and it has the same chase scenes from Killing Streets, but if you’ve learned anything from Cannon Month, it’s that I forgive Menahem Golan on a level that I only extend to Joe D’Amato, Bruno Mattei and Jess Franco.

A young kid learns named Paul Cartowski learns that terrorists are taking over a flight out of the Athens airport with plastic guns. He tells his dad Brad (Michael Paré), a former CIA agent and Navy SEAL, who tries to stop them and is injured. The terrorists take his wife and head to North Africa, with Cartowski in hot pursuit along with his former SEAL buddy Grant (Jan-Michael Vincent). Our hero is taken and tortured — I mean, what action hero didn’t get electroshock trauma in the direct to video era — but he comes back with a ton of SEALs and everyone dies.

That said, the bad guys seem badder because their leader, Carlos, is Billy Drago. Man, Drago is from Kansas and is part Native American, but I never have any idea where his accent is coming from other than being lunatic Drago. Whether he’s Frank Nitti in The Untouchables or fighting Chuck Norris in Delta Force 2: The Columbia Connection, he’s always menacing in a way that seems non-acting.

Damian and Gregory Lee wrote this, using the secret name Joseph Goldman. Damian is probably best known for the movies Abraxas and Ski School.

The main reason to watch this is that it’s a Menahem-directed movie. Nearly all of the film’s crew members were Israeli, including cinematographer Yelhiel-Hilik Neeman, art director Avishay “Avi” Avivi and actors Alon Abutbul, Uri Gavriel and Galit Giat, who is Alya, the female terrorist who tortures Paré. This was her first movie and she’s incredible. Gabi Arami, who was the awesome cab driver in Killing Streets, has the same role here due to this using so much of that footage.

I mean, this is very nearly a Cannon movie. How do I know? Yehuda Efroni is in it. And wow, there’s Menahem himself as a fisherman!

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