Gameboys: The Movie (2021)

Gavreel (Kokoy De Santos) and Cairo (Elijah Canlas) started as fellow gamers but after getting to spend some time together at Gavreel’s house, they’ve become lovers. But when Cairo must return home, they learn that distance and the pandemic stand in the way of their love.

Based on the first Boys’ Love series in the Philippines which aired in the U.S. on Netflix, Gameboys: The Movie is the next part of the story. Despite the boys finally getting the opportunity to see each other in person, their time is limited, as Terrence (Kyle Velino) and Wesley (Miggy Jimenez) interrupt and Gavreel’s aunt Susan (Angie Castrence) appears and brings her homophobia to their lives.

I really liked the way the movie used screens to show the story and allowed me to learn who the boys were in a way that dialogue wouldn’t be able to. You know, I never would pick this movie to watch and I’m so glad I did. It brought me into two lives that I would otherwise not be able to experience and that’s what great cinema can do.

Gameboys: The Movie is available on demand and on DVD from Dark Star Pictures.

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