Brent and Blake Cousins started by making lo-fi shot on video wildness and have made movies like Rising Dead and documentaries like Who Saw the Men In BlackUFO ReportUFO Events – The Best of Third Phase and Countdown to Disclosure: The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force.

But when I say lo-fi, don’t forget I am also saying high concept. For 58 minutes the brothers put not only their lives on the line, but what looks like the lives of every single one of their friends, all to entertain you like you’ve never been entertained before.

Sure, people have been making movies inspired by The Evil Dead since that movie got made. But have you seen one where the evil book is really H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon?

Blake and Jonah (Blake and Brent) are twin brothers who are supposed to be fixing up a cabin, but when they arrive, they find their co-worker — and nemesis — John (or Johns, the Hawaiian stoner accents are amazing and infectious) hacking a man to death. Oh yeah — the guy has always been a jerk, but once he started reading that Giger art book, he got to be a real jerk. And then he found that possessed air filtration mask and started everyone on the crew huffing on it and now, well, now it’s a problem that our twin heroes have to stop.

You know how I always say zombie movies are boring? This movie punched, kicked, then spin kicked me in the face and then threw a guy off a building to convince me I was wrong, so wrong. The camera never stops moving and even finds some artistic framing for so many shots and that makes me forgive that I can keep hearing one of the Cousins brothers — man, that’s nearly a pro wrestling tag team appellation if I ever heard one — yell “Go!” throughout the movie. Or that this was shot on S-VHS and edited VCR to VCR. But you know what? There are people with credits that take four hours filled with multiple CGI studios and none of them have the non-stop action and balls of this movie.

Axe mutilations! Men folded in half by demonic portals! Fisticuffs! Slugfests! Geysers of gore! A shotgun that obviously has lit fireworks emerging from it! Car chases with no permits! Hawaii! Sometimes people say “This movie has it all,” but this was the movie they were talking about.

This is the best movie I’ve seen all summer. If you’re a square who needs things like credits that make sense, continuity, a lack of tracking static, a clear picture and an actual story, well, you can go get fucked.

The blu ray — available from MVD — is the first time this movie has ever been released on any disc format! Made from an archival 1991 SD master from original tapes, it also has:

  • New audio commentary with Brent and Blake Cousins
  • Interview: The Cousins Brothers Today
  • Alternate takes
  • Limited Edition Slipcase by The Dude Designs — FIRST PRESSING ONLY
  • Early short film: Full Metal Platoon
  • Slaughter Day theme song
  • Slaughter Day 2: Original short film (1989)
  • Slaughter Day 3: Original short film (1989)
  • Slaughter Day 4: original shirt films (1989)
  • Original trailer
  • Trailers for other Cousins films
  • Folded mini-poster
  • Four Page Liner notes by Tony Strauss of Weng’s Chop magazine
  • Stick your own’video store sticker sheet
  • Visual Vengeance trailers
  • Reversible Sleeve featuring original VHS art

For more details on the label and updates on new releases – as well as news on upcoming releases – follow Visual Vengeance on social media:

TWITTER @VisualVenVideo

INSTAGRAM visualvenvideo


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