CANNON MONTH 2: Three Days To A Kill (1992)

This movie stars so many people that I love no matter what they do.

When Ambassador Barnes (Karol Brown, whose only other acting role was as a pregnant woman in Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace, which is an adult film and has Jerry Springer and Larry Flynt in it) is taken by Columbia crime lord Perez (Henry Silva!) and his henchman Pepe (Sonny Landham, who started his career in adult), the top brass in the form of Captain Wright (Chuck Connors!) calls in the best: Calvin Sims (Fred Williamson!) and his explosives expert buddy Rick Masters (Bo Svenson!). First, Cal has to get Rick out of jail. Then, they’re joined by an undercover soldier pretending to be a dancer named Yolanda (Kim Dakour), then they get started getting some payback.

Made for HBO by Williamson, but this wasn’t the only film he directed. His first was all the way back in 1975 and Mean Johnny Barrows and some standout entries include Vegas VampiresMr. Mean and Original Gangstas, which found Williamson helping out Larry Cohen. If you love 70s black action movies, that’s one you definitely need to seek out because it stars Williamson, Jim Brown, Pam Grier, Paul Winfield, Richard Roundtree, Ron O’Neal, Robert Forster, Charles Napier and Wings Hauser.

This was written by Charles Johnson, who also wrote HammerMean MotherBeyond Atlantis and Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off, and Steven Iyama, who wrote Last Call and Deadly Past.

This movie has a great tagline: “He’s dangerous, he’s destructive and he’s dead serious.” It was also the final film for both Connors and Van Johnson.

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