Killer Instinct (1991)

Tim Casey (Scott Valentine) is an up and coming lawyer who can’t get a break from district attorney John Doogan (Charles Napier) until the D.A.’s niece Deborah Walker (Vanessa Angel, Kingpin) helps him by blackmailing and killing Doogan and then seducing Tim. Meanwhile, like a giallo heroine, Tim thinks that he’s the one who did the murdering.

Directed and written by David Tausik, this was also known as Homicidal Impulse. The reason it looks so good is because the cinematographer was Jennifer Stoltz, who is really Janusz Kaminski. Within two years, he’d win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for the movie Schindler’s List. He’s worked with Steven Spielberg ever since. He also directed 2000’s Lost Souls.

Scott Valentine is pretty wooden in this, except for the lovemaking scenes, which is probably what most people wanted to watch anyhow. Talia Balsam, Martin’s daughter, who was also in The Supernaturals, also shows up.

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