CANNON MONTH 2: Hit the Dutchman (1992)

Amazingly, this movie is not a drug reference, but instead is all about Arthur Flegenheimer (Bruce Nozick) who is recruited by “Legs” Diamond (Will Kempe) and becomes his right hand man under the name Dutch Schultz.

We’ve seen it before, but have we seen it from Menahem Golan in the director’s seat and have we seen it shot in Russia instead of New York City?

No, we have not.

Golan instead this as a trilogy covering the most important gangsters of the era and only one other movie was made, 1993’s Killer Instincts AKA Mad Dog Coll.

Menahem also steps in front of the camera to play a role named Hymie Weinstock. Other than Sally Kellerman, he may be the most recognizable person in this. I really wanted to love it, but it’s pretty unfocused and even though the fight between Thomas Dooley and Schultz is covered, this doesn’t get as intense as the other gangster movies of the early 90s that it was certainly cashing in on like Goodfellas and Bugsy.

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