Wicked Ones (2022)

A sequel to the 2017 film The Wicked One, this movie has Adam and Alex Lawson returning to Carpenter Falls for one more night battling Colin Miller, also known as The Wicked One, a serial killer who has haunted them for a decade.

Adam and Alex are driving their son Daniel to his band’s gig in Carpenter Falls — I don’t know what’s worse, going back to a place where you were almost killed or having parents drive you around to band gigs — along with daughters Kendall and Jenna. Meanwhile, Miller has gotten into the heads of two other teenagers — Myles and Madeline — whose parents survived the murders only to be killed by their kids. If you start getting The Strangers vibes that may not be unintentional.

As far as direct-to-streaming slashers go, The Wicked Ones isn’t bad. It doesn’t break any new ground, but then I often think that we watch slashers because they provide us with familiar comfort. It does have a scene where a guy plays with himself in a cemetery before getting killed, so there’s that.

Wicked Ones is now available on VOD and will be released on blu ray in November from Wild Eye Releasing. You can also watch The Wicked One on Tubi.

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