CANNON MONTH 2: Teen Wolf Too (1987)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This movie wasn’t produced by Cannon but was released on video by them in the Netherlands on the Cannon Screen Entertainment label.

Todd Howard (Jason Bateman) is the cousin of Scott Howard from the first movie and that won’t do Bateman any favors, as at this point in his career he seemed like the “We have Michael J. Fox at home already” of actors. Luckily, he’d get past this and become a popular performer in his own right.

Todd has recently been accepted into Hamilton University on a full boxing scholarship despite not being any good as an athlete. That’s because when he gets in trouble, he can transform into a werewolf, a fact that nobody really has any problem with and totally seems to be within the rules.

If this movie can’t have Fox, it can have James Hampton, who comes back as Scott’s dad and helps teach Todd how to be humble and not let being a wolf under the full moon — or not, this movie is all over the place — go to his head. Chubby, played by Mark Holton, also comes back for this movie, while the roles of Coach Finstock and Stiles were re-cast with Paul Sand taking over from Jay Tarses and Stuart Fratkin instead of Jerry Levine. That said, there are roles for Kim Darby as Professor Tanya Brooks and John Astin as Dean Dunn.

Director Christopher Leitch wrote Universal Soldier, while the screenwriter of this movie, Tim Kring, would create Crossing Jordan and Heroes.

Bateman’s father Kent directed and wrote The Headless Eyes, so maybe horror was in his blood.

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