Surrogate (2022)

Rose (Taysha Farrugia) has just turned nine and every night, she asks her mother Natalie (Kestie Morassi, Wolf Creek) if they can check under the bed for monsters. Even though she does the best she can for her, Natalie still worries that not having a father will hurt her daughter. Now, she has an even greater worry as Rose tells her that she keeps getting pinched by something throughout the night.

Then Natalie wakes up bleeding. She’s taken to the emergency room where she’s told that she’s just had a child, a fact she refuses to believe, even when child services agent Lauren (Jane Badler from V!) comes to investigate. That’s when the bruises show up on Rose’s back and the true mystery begins.

The only hope might be Malcolm Akard (Matthew Crosby) and his psychic daughter Ava (Ellie Stewart) who may be able to find the evil spirit targeting this family. The Surrogate doesn’t give into the herky jerky possession camerawork that has dominated the genre for the last decade. Instead it plays its possessive moments as dark and slow burn as possible, which is a great credit to the skills of director David Willing, who co-wrote this with Beth King.

Surrogate is now available TVOD on Amazon and will be on Tubi and GoogleTV on September 16 from Indie Rights.

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