CANNON MONTH 2: Zui jia pai dang 3: Nu huang mi ling (1984)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Cannon didn’t produce this movie, but released it on video in Germany on the Cannon Screen Entertainment label.

Whether you call this Aces Go Places 3 – Our Man from Bond Street or Mad Mission III, this sequel to Aces Go Places brings back Sam Hui as King Kong, Karl Maka as Albert Au and Sylvia Chang as Nancy Ho.

King Kong is in Paris when he sees a gorgeous woman in 80s movie punk glasses about to blow up the Eiffel Tower. He chases her up into that romantic building and finds himself battling Big G (Richard Kiel, obviously playing a copyright free Jaws!) and Oddjob (Japanese pro wrestler Thunder Sugiyama, who was also in Message from Space), who in addition to his bowler hat now has the same steel hand as Dr. No.

King Kong loses the trail of the henchmen after they all parachute off the tower. As he dives after Jaws — fighting him in mid-air! — he lands in the Seien River below where he’s picked up by a shark submarine and meets Queen Elizabeth (Huguette Funfrock) and James Bond (French Sean Connery lookalike Jean Mersant). They want King Kong to steal one of the crown jewels called the Star of Fortune from a Hong Kong police vault. There’s one rule: his partner Detective Albert “Baldy” Au (Maka) and his wife Supt. Nancy Ho (Chang) can’t find out.

Of course, this isn’t the real Bond. He’s an imposter and working with  Big G, Jaws and that bazooka-carrying assassin Jade East, as well as having a fake Queen Elizabeth who emerges from paintings in their little villain army.

The real spy is Tom Collins, who is played by Peter Graves and he is 100% playing Jim Phelps from Mission Impossible, as his tape recorder gives him a mission and then explodes. That explosion takes him out of the movie until the close, but until then, we have post-apocalyptic movie punks on dune buggies, Santa Claus motorcycle stunt teams, a sub that can flip over and turn into a cruise ship, a one man jet ala Octopussy and a closing cameo by a fake Ronald Reagan.

Somehow, this movie got followed by a fourth installent with Ronald Lacey (Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark) as the main bad guy and a fifth episode with Conan Lee as Chinese Rambo.

Obviously, I loved every minute. This movie never takes itself seriously and has repeated fake arm gags. Director Tsui Hark (Zu Warriors from the Magic MountainBlack MaskIron Monkey) and writer Raymond Wong Pak-ming have made a movie that will delight spy film and martial arts movie fans while keeping things moving as fast as humanly possible.

As for the English dubbed version, it has some footage cut and extra footage with Peter Graves. The dialogue was written by Larry Dolgin, who did the same job on Deported Women of the SS Special Section and whose voice can be heard in so many dubbed films, including Street LawNightmare CityPiecesBlastfighter, Cannon’s Aladdin and so many more. He was also the voice of Lucio Fulci in the English dub of Cat In the Brain. He also acted in Caligula: The Untold StoryGhoulies II and Robot Jox and before all that, he was a singer in The Cables, a vocal and instrumental group that released the songs “Choo-Choo” and “Midnight Roses” on the RCA Victor label. According to dubbing actor/director Ted Rusoff — the husband of Carolyn De Fonseca — Dolgin recieved a large inheritance in the 1990s and retired to a villa in Sardinia.

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